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In the today’s world full of technology and increased screen times, people are always looking for a break, a place to get away from the routine and let the creative juices flow. Somewhere where there are less distractions from relaxing fully and finding oneself one with the surroundings. MICE events in Georgia will let you do just that!

People need novelty to keep them productive and engaged at their workplaces, they need a fresh breath of air to replenish their energy and take on what’s ahead with great productivity.

As a new-born travel destination, Georgia is a perfect place for such a get-away, well of the beaten track, it mesmerizes its guests with stunning beauty of nature, diverse culture, unique cuisine and world’s first wine! A country with couple thousand years of history has a lot to share with its guests.

According to a legend, Georgia was a secret heaven that the creator had reserved for own, but ended up giving it to warm-hearted people who toasted and sang in his name. Starting from the first step in the country, you feel that this is the case – hospitality is in Georgian DNA.

Georgia (or Sakartvelo) is known for its authentic culture, influenced by the most of the ancient civilizations, it was a melting pot of its time. Located on the great silk road, influences from the east to west, from China to Rome gathered here and ended up forming a small wonder.

Art of Georgia is also influenced by these ancient civilizations, however Georgia itself had a great influence on the rest of the world as innovative gold-smiths, potters, wine-makers, singers and dancers. The Georgian polyphonic singing was also put on the Voyager One – sent to space to represent our civilization to the rest of the universe.

Above listed qualities are a few from a long list that makes Georgia the best meeting location for you. A plethora of activities can be arranged here as both nature and infrastructure are great for holding business, educational and incentive meetings and getaways. Possible activities include:

• City Quests
• Active Sports (Rafting, Paragliding, Hiking)
• Team-Building Exercises
• Conferences
• Meetings
• Incentive Tours
• Cooking Masterclasses & Competitions
• Dancing Masterclasses & Competitions

Our team is ready to make the arrangement for you simple, easy and effective. Just contact us and let us know how we can assist. Years of experience in the field allow us to plan and arrange everything in a fast and efficient way, with great attention to details.

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