Signagi or Sighnaghi is an outstanding city located on the very tip of Gombori mountain range, overlooking the beautiful Alazani Valley. Erekle second founded this city in 1772 as a city fortress. The wall is 4.5 KM long and surrounds the whole settlement.

The name Signagi comes from a Turkish word – “Siginak” – a shelter. This was the original intent of Erekle II. At the end of 18th century Georgia was having a hard time with numerous invasions. Especially the eastern part of Kakheti. Therefore Erekle II decided to construct a well protected city. 23 villages came together to built a huge wall completely encircling a mountain. The fortress boasts 23 towers and 5 gates.

There’s a lot of things that make Signagi special. The original 18th & 19th century buildings built with care still stand strong and conquer the hearts of all the visitors. The city is built on terraces and offers amazing views of Alazani valley and Caucasus Mountains. These are by far the greatest views you’ll see you in Georgia.

Another name for Signagi is the “City of Love”. A 24/7 wedding hall serves couples around the clock. This is how Signagi has become a prime location for weddings. The colorful houses with gorgeous balconies, delicious wineries and kind people make it even more attractive.

This beautiful city has inspired and brought up a lot of noble Georgian people. However by far the most famous one is the well known painter Niko Pirosmani.

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