Ararat Adventures – Day Tour to Khor Virap, Noravank & Areni Caves

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8 Hours
Availability : Year-Round
Tour Details


  • Khor Virap Monastery
  • Mount Ararat
  • Areni Caves
  • Noravank Monastery
  • Wine Tasting
  • Lunch in a local family

Tour description

If you’re looking for the best day trips from Yerevan to visit the must see sights in Armenia – you just found one. With this one day trip you will visit the most iconic places of Armenia – Khor Virap, Mount Ararat, Noravank Monastery, Areni Cave and also enjoy a wine-tasting in the Areni village.

We’ll start the day trip, from your hotel in Yerevan. At 09:00, your driver will pick you up and we’ll start the tour.

First stop of the day will be the Khor Virap Moanstery with the stunning views of Mount Ararat. Here you’ll explore the place where Armenia become the first Christian country in the world.

Next we’ll continue driving towards the Noravank, on the way stopping in a famous local restaurant where we’ll enjoy an authentic Barbecue lunch.

Afterwards, we’ll visit the 12th century Noravank Monastery famous for it’s amazing location and unique architecture. You will walk through the monastery and take a look at the unusual two-storied churches. The brave hearts can attempt to climb the church stairs which are steep and definitely not for the faint-hearted.

Once we’re done with Noravank, we’ll head to the famous Areni Cave-1, perhaps the most well-known place in Armenia – this was the place where the oldest shoe in the world was discovered. A Cow-leather show dated 5000 years old, was discovered in a stone\copper age settlement alongside clay structures, crucians and wine-making barrels.

After the caves, we’ll head to the village of Areni where we’ll enjoy Armenian Wine-tastings. After all, Armenia is one of the oldest wine-making countries in the world!

Finally, we’ll head back to Yerevan and at around 18:00, your driver will deliver you to your hotel or any address of your choice in the capital of Armenia.

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Number of travelers 1 2 3 4
Price per person, USD 190 105 75 65


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  • Authentic Lunch
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Guided Tour

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Sightseeing Tour

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  • Comfortable Walking Shoes
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  • Dress in Layers


At 09:00 you’ll be met by your driver at the lobby of your hotel or any address of your choice in Yerevan. Your driver will lead you to your car to start the day tour from Yerevan.

10:00Khor Virap

Monastery of Khor Virap is one of the iconic places of Armenia. Located in front of the Mount Ararat the fortress is very picturesque. This is also the place where Armenia became the first ever Christian country in the world – in 301 AD.

However, the History of Khor Virap (Translated “Deep Dungeon”) begins in the 2nd century BC when It was a prison in the city of Artashat. Artashat at the time was the capital of Armenia. Capitals of Armenia changed many times since, however the prison of Khor Virap remained in Artashat.

The prison had deep underground dungeons where the prisoners had to withstand a true test of life. Temperatures here were always low and there was practically no light.

Grigor the Illuminator – the monk who converted Armenia to Christianity was imprisoned in this dungeon for 15 years. The reason for his arrest was that he had refused the Armenian King – Trdat III who told him to convert to paganism.

You will explore the full monastery and have a chance to climb down in to the same dungeon where Grigor lived. It’s also a local tradition to make a wish in the dungeon – people write their wishes on a small paper and put it in one of the small holes in the dungeon walls.

Khor Virap offers amazing views of Ararat mountain – originally part of Western Armenia, now it’s officially located in the borders of Turkey, however borders can’t stop the beautiful views.

The view of Mount Ararat is iconic and you’ll often find it on the covers of travel magazines about Armenia. A truly must see sight easily reachable with a day trip from Yerevan.

12:00BBQ Lunch in an Authentic Restaurant

On the way to Noravank, we will stop at a famous local restaurant to enjoy a traditional Armenian Barbeque meal. Meal is included in the price.

13:30Noravank Monastery

After the lunch, we’ll continue our way to the Noravank Monastery.

Monastery of Noravank is located in a stunning setting, surrounded by sheer red rocks – it stands on top of a winding gorge offering amazing views of the surroundings.

Monastery was founded in the 12th century on top of the remains of older churches. During the rule of Orbeliani family, the monastery became a big religious center and in the 14th century, became the residency of bishops of the Syunik region.

The oldest church of the monastery is Surb Karapet, built in the IX-X centuries, it stands in ruins. To the north of it, in 1216-1223, the main temple of the monastery was built, also bearing the same name – Surb Karapet.

Noravank monastery is known for its unique two storied cross-shaped churches with tough to climb steep stairs.

14:30Areni-1 Cave

After Noravank, we will head out to the Areni caves – known for the 6000 year old wine-making traditions and the oldest shoe in the world!

We will explore the whole cave complex as well as try some local wines in the Areni village.

Areni village, was an ancient and significant settlement of the gavar (district) of Vayots Dzor of Syunik Ashkhar (province) within the Great Armenia. It is located on the right bank of the river Arpa.

Thanks to the archaeological excavations made here in 2007-2008, relics of the material culture of the Stone and Copper Ages were discovered, among which the most interesting is a complex of clay structures located in the first cave.

Archeologists discovered various artifacts dated back up to 6000 years. Out of which the most interesting are the crucians and barrels with wine-making residue. Another great discovery of Areni caves was a wine-press with grape vines and pits.

Perhaps, the most famous thing that the Areni-1 Cave is known for is the Oldest shoe in the world – dated back 5000 years, a cow-leather show was discovered in amazing conditions in this cave. It is the oldest shoe ever found in the world and you can also find it in the Guinness book of records.

20:00Back to Yerevan

After we’re done with the Areni cave and wine-tasting, we will head back to Yerevan. Your driver will deliver you to the address of your choice in Yerevan to conclude the one day tour.