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Georgia (Sakartvelo) is a republic in Eastern Europe/Asia, on the east coast of the Black Sea in Caucasus. Country has 4 land borders: Russia, Turkey, Azerbaijan and Armenia. People have lived on this territory since early stone age. Even though the country is located partly in Asia, the local culture is more European than Asian. Georgia is located on the ancient silk road crossroads which connected eastern countries to the west. The ancient road connecting Europe and Asia. This fact has greatly influenced the formation of Georgian culture. This republic is a parliamentary democracy. The leader of the country is the president who’s selected every 5 years with elections. Country is managed by the government, lead by the prime minister. Republic of Georgia is ruled by the parliament which is made up of 150 members. Parliament members are determined by elections every 4 years. Capital of Georgia is Tbilisi with more than 2 million people National Language of Georgia is Georgian (Kartuli) – You can read about it by following this link – Georgian Language There is no state religion, however majority of People are Orthodox Christian. You can read more about Religion in Georgia by following this link: Georgian Religion Georgian Currency is Georgian Lari (GEL) – Read more about it and find the exchange rates for Lari on the following link: Georgian Currency


Tourism in Georgia has only recently become popular internationally, however it was a prime destination for travel in soviet union times. This country has become trendy because of various things – beautiful nature, hospitable people, delicious wine (which is by the way the oldest in the world) and amazing cuisine If you’re planning to visit this part of the globe, we strongly encourage you to take a look at our tours which allow you to explore this country in an authentic way. Click here for more information – Georgia Tours