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There is a big number of travelers early visiting Ski resorts in Georgia, which contributes a great deal to the touristic potential of the country. There are 3 major ski resorts in Georgia:

1. Mestia

Mestia is one of the most outstanding ski resorts in Georgia – beautiful nature, amazing local culture and ski slopes for all difficulty levels make it attractive. This resort is Located 1500 Meters from sea-level, it gets 1035 mm of precipitation a year. With temperatures dropping all the way down to – 35°C. Located 8 kilometers from the city center is Hatsvali ski resort. Mestia is located 456 kilometers from Tbilisi and 128 kilometers from Zugdidi – the closest train station. Therefore most of the people travel by train or take a flight from Natakhtari.

2. Gudauri

Gudauri is the highest resort in Georgia. It’s located on 3300 Meters from sea level. Gudauri has been functioning over 30 years now, however in the short period of time it has attracted many winter sport enthusiasts. With 57 kilometers of slopes, big choice of entertainment facilities, big and small hotels and tasty food, it is the most popular ski resort in Georgia. Gudauri is located a 2 hour drive from Tbilisi. It’s located on the transit artery of Georgia and the roads are well kept year round. Gudauri is a perfect location for freeride skiing and Heliski. It offers high quality snow from Early December to Late March. Snow is thick and dry throughout this period.

3. Bakuriani

Bakuriani is not only a ski resort but also a climate resort in Borjomi Valley with unique spruce and pine groves and alpine meadows. In the XIX century when Borjomi water was recognized for it’s unique medical features, a lot of people started visiting which led to a decision to build a railway connecting Borjomi to Bakuriani. The development of this resort followed quickly, in the 1910 a botanical garden was created in Bakuriani and the first few people tried skiing here. Afterwards, In 1935 the first infrastructure for skiing was built. So Bakuriani became the first skiing resort of Georgia. It quickly became popular around the soviet union and soon the winter olympic team of USSR began training here. Bakuriani was titled the capital of USSR winter sports. Today there’s 12 different ski slopes of various difficulty on the resort. Bakuriani is located 185 Kilometers from Tbilisi. Bakuriani is also accessible via train. Finally, it’s worth mentioning that out of all the Ski Resorts in Georgia, this is the most family friendly place.

Other Ski Resorts


Betania is a small ski slope 18 kilometers from Tbilisi. Because the slopes aren’t very steep, it is a good spot for trying skiing for the first time or going for a ride without driving too far. Hence this is a lovely spot for beginners. Skiing here is usually possible in January-February period, however this may change according to weather conditions.


Goderzi resort located in the south-west of Georgia opened in 2016. At this point it’s only accessible with a special snow truck and is very hard to get to. Consequently, this place is mostly popular with big extreme lovers and adventure seekers.