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Georgian Culture is as old as the Kingdoms in Georgia, from the early ages till today, a huge cultural heritage has been created on this tiny piece of land. We can say one of the first is the Georgian Alphabet, which is one of the 14 unique alphabets in the world.

Language & Alphabet

Today there’s 3 different Georgian alphabets. These alphabets and the language carry a huge importance and history of the Georgian identity. As an example we can mention three words: Gamarjoba – Hello, Gamarjveba – Victory, Gaumarjos – Cheers. All three of these words are based on the same word – Victory. It shows that Victory was what Georgians needed the most because of the hardship with invaders. You can read a little about Georgian History to get a better understanding of the past. Read more about the Georgian Language Here.


All cultures love music and Georgia is not an exception. Or maybe it is? A lot of people surely think so! Georgians are well known for the polyphonic singing. Most of the songs consist of 3 voices. Most of the songs have no authors. They are considered people’s music while some were composed or at least noted down by the church. Georgian songs have a very softly interdependent flow of the polyphony. Voices move in different directions but with a very good sense and relation to each other. Once you hear this sound, it’s hard to mistake it for something else.


Georgian music is closely entwined with dance. Another significant piece of Georgian Culture. Quick and elegant movements of well built dancers flying through the air with swords. These dances express love, friendship and of course – battle! These three are like ever changing seasons for the country. Worn down by enemies, helped out by friends and unified by love of each other, love of the motherland. If you’re visiting Georgia, make sure to check out a show. You’ll never forget the experience! Want to try to learn the dance? We’ll help you! Contact Us for more information.

Food & Wine

There’s no fun without Wine and food! Since 2017, we can confidently say that Georgia is the oldest wine making country in the world with 8000 consecutive vintages. So it’s safe to assume Georgia does the wine right. Georgian wine is produced in special clay pots called Qvevri, which give a distinctive flavor to naturally delicious wines. As for the cuisine, it’s a mix of best practices from both eastern and western worlds, plus the Georgian and Caucasus elements. Khinkali, Khachapuri, Elardji, Mtsvadi, Chvishtari, Gebjalia and a lot (really) a lot more! You can read more about Georgian Food here


Cultures are not formed by borders. They are formed by people. It is the Georgian people that make this land so special. Georgians are very hospitable, open and warm in relations, even more so with the guests. If you visit Georgia, you will surely end up on a Supra – A dinner on Steroids and Wine. Lots of food for the guests and of course lots of wine. Supra is a way to socialize – we can say it’s a Georgian alternative to a pub. People get together to enjoy each others company, socialize and drink. Supra’s are usually led by Tamada, which are usually the eldest people at the table. Tamada is a leader of the whole dinner and has the honor to dictate all the toasts. Everyone listens to what he has to say, after which everyone tries to add something to the idea. It’s a jazz of thoughts. All the toasts are made with a purpose and no sip of wine is drunk without a toast. Dinners like these are usually hosted for guests, as Georgians say – a guest is a gift of god after all.


Another part of the Georgian culture, which we can say is a cornerstone is Religion. Throughout the history, Georgia was held together with a belief in one religion that unified the people. This is how such a small nation managed to survive the turmoil of the countless invasions. Millions of people have fallen defending their the land and religion. There’s more than 26 000 functioning churches and ruins of the destroyed ones. This is how Christianity has influenced the development of the culture which Georgians treasure today. You can read more about Georgian Religion Here.