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Georgia is quickly becoming a trendy location for travel, mostly it’s because of Georgias nature, Historical heritage and fun people. Another big part of the hype is the Georgian food! Today, Georgia offers a big variety of delicious dishes. However little do people know that the Georgian food has evolved drastically throughout the ages. If you want to jump straight to the Must Try Dishes in Georgia. In the very beginning, big part of the daily diet of Georgians was made up by grain products  and wine. Being agricultural people, Georgians mostly ate vegetarian products made of various plants and grains. Farmers also had livestock for products like milk and cheese. The difference between diets of the farmers and high ranked leaders was quite significant. Meat was considered a luxury. You would rarely see it on the table of normal farmers. They usually relied on beans for their doses of protein. The only exception being people living in Kakheti, where people had domesticated pigs which where really easy to take care of. It was also a rarity for the farmers to have hot food, they usually ate bread, herbs and greens, cheese and beans. If you want to try real Georgian food, you should take one of our day tours where we visit local families for lunch: Kazbegi Adventure - One Day Tour Cradle of Wine – Day Tour in Kakheti Georgian Heritage - Day tour to Mtskheta, Gori & Uplistsikhe Davit-Gareja One Day Tour form Tbilisi Georgian food has also been different throughout the western and eastern parts of the country. In the western part of Georgia “Ghomi” was a replacement for wheat. Ghomi grains later lost their popularity with the introduction of Corn. Ghomi is still a very popular dish in the western Georgia. However it’s tough to come by Ghomi made from Ghomi grains. As for the royalty, they enjoyed a big variety of foods. As they held the hunting rights, they had a lot of meet and fish. The fine aged wines also belonged to the royalty, while the farmers had the fresh wines. Georgian food has many influences from all over the world, this happened with the influence of the silk road. Georgian food has elements of Turkish, Armenian, Arabic, Persian and Russian culinary.