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Merebashvili`s Marani is a family winery, located in the small town of Kaspi, about 45 minute drive from capital Tbilisi. In the winery, four sorts of unique natural Qvevri wines are produced, by using only the Georgian traditional methods of winemaking.

Along with the most famous wines of Shida Qartli region – Chinuri and Tavkveri, Merebashvili`s Marani also produces wines from indigenous grape varieties such as Goruli Mtsvane and Shavkaphito. The grapes are being sourced from the winery-owned organic vineyard from the famous Okami valley.

Besides wine-tasting in the charming environment, winery visitors can take a look at the collection vineyard, where one of the oldest and rarest endemic grape varieties are planted and which is managed with only organic methods. You will also have a chance to become familiar with traditional wine-making technology and methods of making vodka, see all scale honey bee-farm, participate in different culinary workshops of traditional Georgian dishes(Optional) and enjoy delicious and diverse cuisine of Shida Qartli Region.