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Petra Fortress on the coast of the Black Sea – this fortress has been here for more than 1500 years and it has played a big role in the history of the Adjara Region. We’ll hear about the history of the fortress and enjoy the dazzling views of the black sea from the top.

The fortress dates back to the 6th century AD and has a rich history. It was originally built by the Byzantines as a part of the defensive system against the Persians and later expanded by the Georgians.

Petra Fortress is known for its well-preserved walls and towers, which provide a glimpse into the military architecture of the time. The site includes a church, a cistern, and various other structures within its walls.

The fortress held a strategic position overlooking the Black Sea coast, and its location allowed control over trade routes and provided defense against potential invaders.

Visitors to Georgia interested in history and archaeology often explore Petra Fortress as part of their itinerary. It offers not only a historical experience but also scenic views of the surrounding landscape.