Top Useful Phrases in Georgian Language

According to statistical data, not a lot of people speak English in Georgia, therefore we’ve put together couple of lists to make your communication with locals easier. Firstly, it’s always fun to learn a new language. Secondly, Georgians love it when foreigners try to speak Georgian. Hence, if you learn a few words from the list of Top Useful Phrases in Georgian Language, benefits will follow.


Now that we know what’s this about, let’s begin with a few basic words.

English Georgian
Hello! Gamarjoba!
How are you? Rogor Khar?
Good, and You? Kargad, Tavad?
Thank you Madloba!
Please Tu Sheidzleba
Sorry Bodishi
What’s your name? Ra Gkvia?
My name is … Me mkvia …
How much? (Price) Ra Ghirs?

Traveler interests

A lot of times when you travel you need go offline, therefore you might need to ask the locals for help or directions. Hence, Below you’ll find words and phrases you might need during your travel around the cities or rural areas of Georgia.

English Georgian
Currency Exchange Valutis Gatsvla
Bank Banki
Hospital Saavadmkofo
Doctor Ekimi
Emergency Sastsrapo
Pharmacy Aftiaki
Supermarket Magazia
Toilet Sapirparesho [“Tvaleti” is a rough form]
Let’s go Tsavidet
Stop [Transport] Gaacheret

Restaurant / Pub

Going to a fancy restaurants or the underground pubs of Tbilisi, before you hit the night scene, it’s important to know a few useful words. Particularly, these few:

English Georgian
Wine Ghvino
Beer Ludi
Water Tskali
Cheers! Gaumardjos!
I Want … Me Minda …
Excuse me [call a waiter] Ukatsravad
The Bill, Please Angarishi, Tu Sheidzleba


Another thing you’ll need for sure is numbers. Counting in Georgian is pretty repetitive so should be easy to memorize.

English Georgian
1 Erti
2 Ori
3 Sami
4 Otkhi
5 Khuti
6 Ekvsi
7 Shvidi
8 Rva
9 Tskhra
10 Ati
20 Otsi
30 Otsdaati
40 Ormotsi
50 Ormotsdaati
60 Samotsi
70 Samotsdaati
80 Otkhmotsi
90 Otkhmotsdaati
100 Asi


Finally, If you find memorizing these words tough, we suggest you download the Top Useful Phrases in Georgian Language document and print it.

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