Tbilisi Yerevan Trip – 2 Days

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Tour Details

If you’re visiting Tbilisi and would like to visit Yerevan in a short trip. This 2 Day Tbilisi Yerevan Tour is For you! This trip between the capitals of Georgia and Armenia starts and ends in Tbilisi. For 2 Days we will show you around the beautiful country of Armenia visiting the must see sights in a very short period of time.

Day 1

Tbilisi - Sadakhlo - Akhtala - Haghpat - Sanahin - Yerevan

Your tour will begin in Tbilisi – We will pick you up from your preferred address and start are 2 Day trip by heading straight to the Armenian Border (Sadakhlo).

Armenia welcomes people with an open heart, however you still might want to check if need a visa to Visit. EU Countries countries & USA are not required to have a visa (As of 11/10/2018). Most of the UAE Residents are entitled to a visa on arrival which costs 3000 Dram (About 7 USD). You can check the visa requirements on the official website of Foreign Affairs Ministry of Armenia – : https://www.mfa.am/en/visa/

Once we cross the Border We will start to explore the Northern Part of Armenia – Lori Region. Our first stop of the day will be the Akhtala Fortress from the 11th Century. You’ll have a chance to take a walk inside the fortress and look at the famous murals of the Astvatsatsin Church.

Next we’ll continue to the UNESCO World Heritage Sights of Haghpat and Sanahin Monastery Complexes, both of which are dated back to the 10th century! Both of them were huge religious and educational centers of Armenia and are responsible for preserving Armenian Culture.

After these stops, we can make an optional stop at one of the roadside restaurants that serve delicious food and enjoy the wonders of the Armenian cuisine.

To finalize the day, we will proceed to drive to Yerevan where you’ll enjoy an evening on your own exploring the heart of this country. This will conclude the first day of the Tbilisi Yerevan Tour.

Yerevan streets are very beautiful in the evening times. Recommended spots to visit: The Cascade Complex & Surrounding areas.

Day 2

Yerevan – Khor Virap – Garni Temple – Sevan Lake – Sevanavank – Sadakhlo – Tbilisi

On the next day, after you enjoy your breakfast, we will start the day by heading to the iconic Khor Virap Monastery & the Mount Ararat. We will stop at this complex to take a look at the cradle of Christianity in Armenia – Gregor Illuminator was once a captive here.

Next we will visit the ancient Garni Temple and the surrounding complex with the Roman baths. This Pagan temple was built here in the 1st century AD! Before becoming a Christian country in 301 AD, Armenia used to be mostly a pagan country. Garni Temple used to be one of the centers of Armenian Pagan Worshipers.

After the temple, we will proceed to visit the quintessential sight of Armenia – The Sevan Lake & Sevanavank. Sevan lake is the biggest lake in Armenia and is known for it’s pristine beauty. People from all over Armenia and the world come here to enjoy this beautiful resort year-round. The Sevan lake is known for its Salmon which you’ll later have a chance to taste.

As for the Sevanavank Monastery, it is dated back to the 10th century and used to be a “monk prison” – back in the day, this monastery was located on an island and the monks that had sinned would be sent to this monastery as a punishment. Today, it’s located on a peninsula and offers great views of the Sevan Lake and Surroundings.

After visiting the Sevan Lake & Sevanavank, we will make an optional stop at one of the restaurants so you can enjoy a tasty lunch. Finally, we’ll had back to Tbilisi and you’ll arrive in the Capital of Georgia in the evening. This will finalize the Tbilisi Yerevan trip.

Note: An Extra free day or a day trip in Yerevan can be organized upon request. If you’d like to spend an additional day in Yerevan, please specify so in the Booking Form Comments and we’ll send you all the details and possible itineraries.


Departure & Return Location

Your Hotel in Tbilisi or Yerevan

Departure Time

09:00 Recommended

Tbilisi Yerevan Tour - Sightseeing

Number of travelers 1 2 3 4
Price per person, USD 660 330 245 180


  • Licensed Transport with Air Conditioning
  • All Entrance Fees & Activities
  • Pickup & Drop off at your hotel


  • Check Visa Details in Advance
  • Comfortable Walking Shoes
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Dress in Layers
Tbilisi Yerevan Tour - Itinerary

StartPickup From Your Address

The Tbilisi Yerevan Transfer works both ways – Any of the given cities can be the starting & ending point. We can organize a tour form Tbilisi to Yerevan and vice versa.

At a time convenient for you, your driver will pickup you up from your hotel in Tbilisi or Yerevan to start the tour.

Day 1Sadakhlo Border Crossing

Sadakhlo Border is located in a 1 hour drive from Tbilisi. Once we reach the border crossing, the driver will stop for you at the exit point – you will walk through the border and enter Armenia where you will be met by your driver(the same driver).

Please check in advance if you’re required to have a visa and/or if you’re eligible for a visa on arrival.

Note that if for some reason, you are not allowed to cross the border we will return you your hotel, however 50% of the total price amount will need to be covered.

Day 1Akhtala Fortress

Founded in the X Century – The Monastery & Fortress of Akhtala was built as a defensive unit for the locals. People living in the nearby villages would take shelter in the safety of the walls of the castle.

Multiple buildings are located within the fortress walls – including Monastery Complex with 3 Churches. The Main Church – St. Astvatsatsasin was constructed in the 13th century and is a unique monument with influences both from Armenia And Georgia.

Walls of the Astvatsasin church are decorated with stunning murals chronologically depicting biblical scenes and also showing images of heaven and hell.

Akhtala Fortress is located on a beautiful hill and offers a stunning view of the surroundings.

Day 1Haghpat Monastery

The Monastery of Haghpat was founded between 929-953 AD by the King Abbass Bagratuni. At the time only the first church – Surp Nshan was built. The Monastery got it’s current form in the 12th century.

Today the Monastery boasts a big number of impressive stone buildings – Churches, Gavits, A Repository, A dine hall and a huge bell tower.

One of the gems of the Monastery is the Gavit of the Astvatsatsin Church. It’s known for it’s unique architecture. Also, a famous Armenian Movie – Taste of a Pomegranate by Parajanov was filmed here.

Monastery is also a home to exquisite Khachkars (Armenian Cross Stones) which have been preserved by the monastery and also donated to it in the nearest past.

Day 1Sanahin Monastery

The Monastery of Sanahin is located right next to the ghost city of Alaverdi. As both the Sanahin and Hagphat Monasteries were built in the same periods, they resemble each other. However, Haghpat is a lot larger and more impressive. If you have to make a choice between the two – We recommend you take Haghpat.

This complex used to be one of the biggest educational centers of Armenia. During your visit you will notice the Academy walkway between the two main churches of the monastery.

It boasted a big repository of ancient manuscripts, the oldest one linked to the Sanahin Monastery is a scroll from the 4th century (Currently kept in the Manuscript Museum in Yerevan).

Also, Sanahin is known for the rare depiction of Kings Gurgen and Smbat.

As of now (11/12/2018) Sanahin Monastery is going through rehabilitation process and is partly closed.

Day 1Drive to Yerevan & Optional Lunch

Once we are done with the Sanahin Monastery, we will start the drive to Yerevan. Direct drive to the capital of Armenia is 3 hours from here.

On the way we can make stops for Lunch or taking photos.

We will reach Yerevan around 18:00 and your driver will deliver you to your hotel in Yerevan, from where you can enjoy your evening on your own.

Day 2Pickup From Your Address

At a time convenient for you (09:00 AM Recommended) your driver will pick you up and we’ll start the second day by heading to the Monastery of Khor Virap.

Day 2Khor Virap

Monastery of Khor Virap is one of the iconic places of Armenia. Located in front of the Mount Ararat the fortress is very picturesque. This is also the place where Armenia became the first ever Christian country in the world – in 301 AD.

However, the History of Khor Virap (Translated “Deep Dungeon”) begins in the 2nd century BC. It was a prison in the city of Artashat – at the time the capital of Armenia. Capitals of Armenia changed many times since, however the prison of Khor Virap remained in Artashat.

The prison had deep underground dungeons where the prisoners had to withstand a true test of life.

Grigor the Illuminator – the monk who converted Armenia to Christianity was imprisoned in this dungeon for 15 years. He had refused the Armenian King – Trdat III who told him to convert to paganism.

You will explore the full monastery and have a chance to climb down in to the same dungeon. Khor Virap offers amazing views of Ararat mountain.

It’s also a local tradition to make a wish in the dungeon – people write their wishes on a small paper and put it in one of the small holes in the dungeon walls.

Day 2Garni Complex

The Garni Complex is located in a half hour drive from the capital of Armenia – Yerevan. Here you will find multiple monuments from Hellenistic and early-Christian era. The most notable are: The Temple of Garni dedicated to Mitra – the god of sun and light and the fortress of Garni. Complex also attracts visitors with the ruins of the royal palace and the roman baths. Garni is on the UNESCO World heritage sight list.

Temple of Garni is the only building from the Hellenistic era in Armenia. It was one of the central pagan temples of the kingdom and is thought to be from the first century AD. The Temple is built in a classic Greek style and looks very much like the temple of Athena in Greece.

The fortress of Garni is located on top of a deep ravine with stunning stone formations and offers captivating views. Historians estimate the foundation of the fortress to be between the 3rd – 2nd Centuries BC. However the deepest layer of the wall is thought to be from the Bronze age.

Last but not least, the roman baths – They were located outside of the royal palace. King Trdat is thought to have built these baths in the 3rd century AD. Inside the baths you will find the gem of the whole complex – a roman mosaic that has miraculously survived throughout the centuries.

Day 2Sevan Lake

“The Blue-eyed beauty” of Armenia – Lake Sevan, in earlier days known as the “Sea of Gegham” is one of the biggest natural mountain lakes in the world. It’s located at 1900 meters from sea level.

The lake is of a volcanic formation: thousands of years ago a volcanic eruption blocked of a river which built up into a huge pool currently known as Lake Sevan.

Sevan lake is the biggest lake in Armenia and is known for it’s pristine beauty. People from all over Armenia and the world come here to enjoy this beautiful resort year-round.

Day 2Sevanavank Monastery

As for the Sevanavank Monastery, it is dated back to the 10th century and used to be a “monk prison” – back in the day, this monastery was located on an island and the monks that had sinned would be sent to this monastery as a punishment.

In 1938, Soviet Union decided to use the lake for generating hydro-energy – this would prove to be a big mistake. As a result, the whole ecosystem of the Lake Sevan changed and the well known island where Sevanavank was located became a peninsula.

Day 2Border Crossing & Drive to Tbilisi

After we’ve visited all the spots, you’ll have the option to stop for lunch or snacks in a local restaurant.

Finally, we will had back to Tbilisi crossing the Sadakhlo border. You will arrive in Tbilisi around 19:00 in the evening.

Your driver will drop you off at your hotel address.


2 Reviews
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Couple Traveller

We absolutely enjoyed this trip. Driver Malkhaz was so nice, he brought us to every place which is on this trip. Places itself are nice, i think this is the best you can get out from two days if you want to visit yerevan from Tbilisi. Me and my girlfriend loved it! respect to Max(Our driver)!

June 27, 2022

Nikita P

Solo Traveller

We were a group of 4 people visiting Georgia and wanted to get a taste of Armenia too. It was a perfect trip. Well planned and organized. Thank you Kartveli Tours! You are the best!

May 22, 2019
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