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Gergeti Church of the holy trinity is located in Mtskheta-Mtianeti Region, Kazbegi Municipality under the famous Mount Kazbegi. This monastery has recently become very well-known worldwide for its amazing views.

Trinity church stands at 1800 meters from sea level, overlooking the city of Stepantsminda also known as Kazbegi. Behind it is the great Kazbegi peak at 5047 meters from sea level.

King Giorgi V built Gergeti Monastery to solidify the Christian beliefs in the mountainous region of Khevi, as people living here were partly pagan. So the Gergeti Church soon became the central place of worship for the locals.

This monastery was also the meeting place for the local wise-men who overlooked the tribes. During the gatherings they discussed the hardships of the community and tried to find possible solutions.

Gergeti Church was also a secret treasury. Given it’s location, it was impossible to attack, even more so because the complex was surrounded with a protective wall. Gergeti villagers werethe sworn protectors of the church and If any harm were to come to the monastery, it was through their flesh and bone. Therefore it was a safe place for Georgian Treasure. For a long time, Georgian church kept the biggest relic – the cross of Saint Nino, in this monastery.