Stalin Museum

Here’s a very awkward piece of History – Stalin Museum. Stalin or Ioseb Jugashvili to be more accurate, was born in a small town of Gori, Georgia.

He was born in a small district, in a family of a shoe-maker. In 1937 this district Soviets completely erased this district except of the tiny house were Stalin was born. A protective monument was built to protect his house. Next to it they built a huge museum.

The Stalin Museum is still functioning here today in the same exact form. With the only difference being the pitch of the museum guides. Now they can actually tell the real stories of Stalin and what it was like back in the USSR.

Museum boasts a huge collection of Stalin’s personal items: he’s office furniture from Moscow Kremlin, handwritten letters, collection of amazing gifts given to Stalin from different countries of the world, Stalin’s death mask, unknown photos (he’s actually smiling in one of them!) and of course his personal train carriage he used for distant travel to Tehran to meet with Churchill and Roosevelt.

Here you will also find the poems of young Stalin. Also, You will hear how the communists planned and implemented the red revolution. A model of an underground printing-house used to print the prohibited literature is also displayed in the Stalin Museum.

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