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Ananuri Fortress is a 17th Century Architectural Ensemble which at the time was one of the strongest fortresses in Georgia. Fortress is located in a 70 km drive from Tbilisi, in the village with the same name – Ananuri.

Location for the complex was chosen because of its strategical importance. This fortress belonged to the local rulers called “Aragvistavi” and was the main stronghold for the family.

This place was at the juncture of all the important roads of Georgia, it was because of this all the enemies tried to get hold of the complex. Enemies came both from outside and inside of the country. Even though it’s been through a lot of hardship, Ananuri still stands strong today.

There’s 3 churches in the complex out of which 2 are visible at a glance, as for the third one – the healer’s church it’s actually located underground. The Dormition church built in 1689 is the only functional church at this point, it is home to amazing 17th century frescoes that survived the turmoil of the centuries. Last but not least is the church of the savior which was built here in 16th century. The exact dates are unknown.

The oldest building of the complex is the Khevsuruli Tower, built in the 15th century, it used to be a watchtower in the early days with an interesting self-defense mechanism.

Except of interesting history, Ananuri Fortress attracts visitors with wonderful nature surroundings and amazing views on Zhinvali Lake/Reservoir.